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It is another powerful tool to spread awareness about your brand. 

Influencer marketing has become one of the most effective marketing strategies in recent times. Influencers have a loyal following of people who trust them. When the influencers reach out to their fans and followers about how great your product is, there is a much higher chance that their audience will convert, simply because they need the product and trust the influencer. 

2 main things to follow when we start with influencer marketing:

  • Be patient and polite because we are dealing with people and not companies
  • Be organized with the whole strategy, plan, and the budget

49% of consumers depend on choices or recommendations made by influencers.

89% of marketers say that ROI from marketing by influencers is comparable to or better than any other marketing channel. 

It has become easier to work with influencers as it is better than paid advertising and is much more effective because you can connect with the influencer’s loyal (and often huge) following.

One of the main reasons why influencer marketing works is because they have real power. And that power makes us prioritize recommendations over the paid television, magazine, and newspaper ads and it’s hard to ignore the power of these unofficial brand ambassadors. Influencers have an active social media presence and that will help us grow our social following almost overnight, just by introducing a large number of targeted customers to our social media pages. Moreover, even if they don’t convert with the initial campaign, we can retarget them anytime.  

It is important that you find the relevant influencer for your brand, evaluate them based on their social reach, based on your budget, if the audience of the influencer is matching your target audience, etc. 

Working with influencers is a fast way to connect and tap a loyal set of audiences immediately. It will give you an increase in traffic and some great sales too but it may not always work or it may not keep increasing. It’s something that will continue to cost you and while it is working, the market will become more saturated with time.

Make sure that you provide an amazing overall experience for the influencers you work with as well as to the customers/audience that come your way as a result. Eventually, you become the influencer here and you get to sell directly to your fans over and over again.

Influencer marketing tells us that it is better to spend time marketing directly to influential people whose likes and dislikes match the qualities of our brand. This means engaging with these people across social accounts, commenting, and demonstrating knowledge and a personality that might attract them. It can also mean curating or creating content that’s hand-picked to get the attention of influencers and their audience to pull them towards your product.

To get influencers marketing for your brand, contact us!