Nutraft Branding

Branding Brilliance & E-Commerce Excellence: The Nutraft Portfolio

Explore how Nutraft, a premium online retailer specializing in high-quality dry fruits, transformed its digital presence with the help of our expertise. Discover how our strategic branding and e-commerce solutions propelled Nutraft to new heights, enhancing customer engagement and driving sales.

Nutraft Branding Portfolio - Enozi
About Nutraft Branding

Nutraft stands as a beacon of quality and freshness in the realm of online dry fruit retailers. With a commitment to sourcing the finest ingredients and delivering unparalleled customer satisfaction, Nutraft has earned a reputation for excellence. Our collaboration with Nutraft involved crafting a compelling brand identity that reflects their dedication to quality, health, and customer-centricity.

Nutraft Branding Portfolio - Enozi

The challenge

Nutraft faced the challenge of establishing a distinctive brand identity and an efficient online retail platform in a competitive market. With limited visibility and engagement, they struggled to reach their target audience effectively. Our task was to elevate Nutraft’s brand presence and provide a seamless e-commerce experience to boost sales and customer satisfaction. Through strategic branding and website development, we aimed to overcome these hurdles and position Nutraft as a leader in the online dry fruits industry.

Services Used:

Branding & Packaging

Logo Conceptualization

The logo of Nutraft is a combination of text & icon. The Squirrel represents the ability to select the best quality nuts. Dark brown color represents a sense of strength & reliability and Light brown is friendly & welcoming.

Nutraft Branding Portfolio - Enozi
Nutraft Branding Portfolio - Enozi
Nutraft Branding Portfolio - Enozi
Nutraft Branding Portfolio - Enozi

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